Foodies Disapprove "Barbie Biryani" 

Foodies Disapprove "Barbie Biryani" 

Feb 19, 2024 - 13:24
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Foodies Disapprove "Barbie Biryani" 

Recently one reel taking Instagram by storm involves "Barbie Biryani". In the video by @creamycreationsbyhkr, the woman who made this bizarre biryani showcases the pink masala and pink rice that constitute this delicacy.

She is also seen emptying a food item with a creamy consistency from a sealed bag into a bowl. She explains that it is a raita (to be relished with the biryani) and that its colour also matches the theme. Watch the complete viral video below:

This Instagram reel has received more than 14 million views so far. In the comments, many users have expressed their disapproval of "Barbie Biryani". Several people have found the idea highly unappetising. Others have turned the topic into a joke. Swiggy Instamart has also reacted to the post. The brand commented, 'Not your regular "Barbie marketing is insane' post."

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