How To Lose Belly Fat In A Month: 30 days complete guide with dieting tips

It is the dream of many people to get rid of belly fat, but despite many efforts, they are not able to get rid of their belly fat, today in this article we will learn how to lose belly fat in a month, with proper guidance and dieting tips.

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How To Lose Belly Fat In A Month: 30 days complete guide with dieting tips
how to reduce belly fat in a month

How To Lose Belly Fat In A Month: causes and dieting tips 

No one likes belly fat and obesity, but even if one does not want to, it does not leave us. And belly fat also brings with it many chronic diseases like heart disease and type 2 diabetes. In such a situation, people adopt many ways to reduce their belly fat but are not successful. In this article, we will know how we can easily get rid of it by making some lifestyle changes, following a healthy diet, and doing daily exercises.

What are the main causes of belly fat?

Belly fat is basically of two types, the first is visceral belly fat and the second is subcutaneous belly fat. Visceral Belly Fat: A little fat accumulates around the internal organs of our body like the liver, kidney, and different organs of the stomach, due to which there are many types of dangers to our body, which include the risk of diabetes, the risk of heart diseases and so on. We also become at risk of diseases like fatty liver and cancer.

The second type is the normal type of fat, which we also call subcutaneous belly fat. This fat does not form fat around our organs, rather the fat gets deposited directly under our skin, which we can get rid of with regular exercises, proper diet, and some changes. Can work.

Some basic causes of belly fat

  • Eating food substances that contain a lot of added sugar
  • You are drinking alcohol
  • Having a lazy lifestyle and not doing any physical activities
  • More Fat Rich Substance Consumption
  • consuming large amounts of protein
  • taking low fiber diet
  • Increase in cholesterol level
  • Not getting proper sleep

Dieting tips to lose belly fat in a month-

Belly fat can definitely be lost in 30 days, this work is definitely difficult but it is doable. Many people are troubled by belly fat, it is belly fat that never leaves them, well now there is no need to worry, for this, we have come up with a proper dieting plan for you which you can follow. You will get rid of excess belly fat soon, remember for this, you will have to be a little disciplined and follow the steps mentioned below.


1. Avoid sugar substances as much as you can, like sweet beverages, cold drinks, candies, etc.

2. It is also very important to get enough sleep, as per the studies, an average adult must have at least 7 hours of sleep intake so that your body's digestive system keeps working well if you are not getting enough sleep. So start from today.

3. Avoid drinking fruit juices, you must be feeling that fruits contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, but what you do not know is that if you chew the fruits then they are more beneficial than if you drink its juice. Juices are just sweet beverages, which may increase your body's sugar levels.

4. Intermittent fasting also helps you a lot in the reduction of belly fat. Doctors suggest that if you fast for 24 hours once a week and follow only a liquid diet, then it can help a lot in your fat reduction process. Remember, if you have any problem then stop fasting immediately and consult a doctor, sometimes due to this fasting the blood sugar level goes up and down.

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5. Start doing heavy-weight exercises, strength training is also one of the most important steps for weight loss, from which people see great results. Strength training maintains your overall body weight.

6. Cutting carbs from our diet, we should avoid carbohydrates which are present in many food substances like rice, roti, bread, and all the things made in refined oil.

7. Doing cardio exercises helps a lot during weight loss and losing of belly fat

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8. Take a more protein-rich diet, research shows that if you take a rich diet, helps a lot in weight management of our body and fulfills the lack of hunger in the body, which makes us feel full.

9. Immediately stop drinking alcohol, research shows that too much drinking of alcohol can lead to an excess amount of belly fat.

10. Drinking enough amount of water throughout the day, which increases our metabolism and food digestion

11. Drinking green tea is highly recommended by doctors and nutritionists, which helps in weight loss and belly fat.

Disclaimer: We are not medical experts, all the information given in this article is only for educational purposes, you must consult a doctor before following them.


Everyone wants to reduce belly fat, but it cannot be done without proper exercise and discipline, we have given you very important tips to reduce belly fat which will help you a lot in achieving your fitness goal. We hope that you have got proper information from this article.


Is it possible to lose belly fat in a month?
well of course it is possible to lose it, but that requires a little discipline with diet and regular exercise. One who follows a proper diet that is high in protein and less in carbs, plus also does proper weightlifting exercises can his/her fitness goals.
What is the main cause of belly fat?
Some of the most common causes for excess belly fat are a low-fiber diet, improper sleep, stress, carbs-rich food, alcoholism, etc.

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