On London street in Lehenga

On London street in Lehenga

Feb 11, 2024 - 20:22
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On London street in Lehenga

A video has gone viral on social media showing a young takes a stroll on the streets of London wearing a red wedding 'lehenga'. The reel was shared by Shraddha, who is a Spanish-Indian model and has 1,68,000 followers on Instagram.

In the video, she first takes a ride on the London tube, while being dressed as a bride in a red embroidered 'lehenga', along with heavy jewellery. As she enters the train, all eyes are on her, as they seem to be fascinated with her choice of clothes. She then reaches her destination, takes a stroll on the streets and receives the same kind of attention. Some were also seen clicking pictures of her, while others stared at her with curiosity. 

''Giving y'all anxiety through the screen,'' the video was captioned. The text insert on the video reads, ''Reactions to a desi top and skirt in London.'' Since being shared on February 1, the reel has amassed 2,732,494 likes, and more than 42 million views. 

The video has received mixed reactions from internet users, some of whom appreciated her confidence, while some criticised her for ''attention-seeking behaviour.'' 


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