Bhajanlal government's bulldozer started

The Bhajanlal government takes action against illegal encroachment in Bharatpur, using bulldozers to clear obstructions near Heera Circle and CM's hometown. Despite causing panic among shopkeepers, the Municipal Corporation ensures safe removal of goods and even assists a shopkeeper during the operation. However, traders express anger over the lack of prior communication from the administration and advocate for fines instead of forceful measures. Stay updated with the latest developments in Bharatpur's civic affairs.

Mar 2, 2024 - 21:07
Mar 2, 2024 - 21:15
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Bhajanlal government's bulldozer started

Bhajanlal government is in action mode since the beginning. On Saturday, a bulldozer was used to remove illegal encroachment in CM's hometown Bharatpur. Due to which there was panic among the shopkeepers. Municipal Corporation squad took action to remove goods kept illegally outside the shops. A shopkeeper remained in the shop during the operation. On receiving the information, he was taken out safely from the shop. During this time, the police also had to use force to drive away the shopkeepers.

Encroachment removed from Heera Circle

In the market near Heera Das Circle in Bharatpur, shopkeepers had encroached in front of the shops, due to which the entire road was blocked. The Municipal Corporation used bulldozers to remove the illegal encroachment and demolished the encroachment.

Traders angry at bulldozer operation

Sanjeev Gupta, district president of the city's trade federation, said that if there was encroachment, the administration should have informed the traders first. He should have been fined. But without giving any information, the administration has caused damage by running bulldozers in the name of removing encroachment, which is wrong. The trade federation will talk to the government and, if necessary, will agitate.

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