Nikki Haley criticize Trump's attack on Nato

Donald Trump's recent comments about Nato, claiming some members aren't contributing enough money, have caused widespread outrage, as he suggested to allow Russia to do whatever it wants to those nations.

Feb 12, 2024 - 22:15
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Nikki Haley criticize Trump's attack on Nato

Trump's comments on the US-Russia conflict have caused shock and alarm among leaders on both sides of the Atlantic. Nato secretary general Jens Stoltenberg criticized Trump's comments as undermining security and putting American and European soldiers at increased risk.

A White House spokesperson called the comments "appalling and unhinged." Republican rival Nikki Haley accused Trump of embracing "a thug who kills his opponents", referring to Russia's President Vladimir Putin. Former Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie criticized Trump's comments as proving him unfit to be president.

Some of Trump's allies on Capitol Hill refused to defend him, with Rand Paul of Kentucky calling Trump's comments "stupid" and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska arguing the criticism of Nato members was "uncalled for." However, some Republicans tried to downplay the remarks, with Lindsey Graham of South Carolina stating that while Trump was president, nobody invaded anybody.

As the Senate continues work on its foreign aid package and the House returns to session tomorrow, more Republicans will likely be asked to respond to Trump's comments, forcing them to choose between criticizing the leader of their party and defending US allies abroad.

Finnish president says to 'remain calm'

Finland's newly elected president, Alexander Stubb, has urged the alliance's newest member to remain calm amidst Donald Trump's criticism. Stubb, a conservative former prime minister, said US election campaigns were "very different from Finnish elections, and the rhetoric used is quite a lot stronger."

He said it was best to remain calm and focus on building Finland's Nato membership. Finland won admission to Nato in April after a historic policy U-turn following decades of military non-alignment. Stubb said Trump was right to say Nato's members had pledged to spend 2% of GDP on defense.

He emphasized the need for Europe to fulfill its part in Nato, noting that Finland exceeded that target last year. He aimed for Finland to have a decisive role in Nato, "in the core of decision-making, sitting around the tables where decisions are made." He said Finland cannot have a relationship with Moscow until Russia ends its war and aggression in Ukraine.

News Source: The Guardian

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