Shoot at sight order in haldwani

There are reports of violence in Haldwani, Uttarakhand. Order for holiday in all schools tomorrow with curfew. Considering the situation, order for shoot at site has also been issued. Shoot at sight order in haldwani

Feb 8, 2024 - 22:11
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Shoot at sight order in haldwani

On Thursday night, following the illegal construction of a madrasa and an underground mosque-like building on government land in the Banbhulpura region, tensions between the communities erupted in the Haldwani area of Nainital district.

According to officials, a joint team from the Nainital district administration and local civic authorities undertook the demolition on Nazool land, leading to a violent backlash from enraged locals.

According to reports, the situation swiftly got out of control when angry citizens started to put up barricades, torches cars, and throw stones at police and officials. The stone-throwing resulted in injuries to a few district administration and police personnel. In the Banbhulpura area, the district administration has enforced a curfew and blocked all routes heading there.

Additionally, the state administration issued directives enabling law enforcement to kill rioters on sight and use deadly force against disorderly individuals.

Pushkar Singh Dhami, the chief minister, called an urgent meeting to discuss the worsening circumstances. ADG (Law and Order) AP Anshuman, Director General of Police Uttarakhand Abhinav Kumar, and Chief Secretary Radha Raturi attended the meeting.

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