Brutal Punishment ForTheft

Brutal Punishment ForTheft

Mar 1, 2024 - 17:44
Mar 1, 2024 - 18:28
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Brutal Punishment ForTheft

A 16-year-old student reportedly faced harsh punishment not only from his teacher but also from his classmates at a Madrasa in Maharashtra. The alleged reason for this punishment was student's suspected theft of a 100 Rupee watch.

Student hailing from Surat was pursuing his studies at the esteemed Jamia Burhanul Uloom Madrasa in Aurangabad, a city that was recently given a new name - Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar. However, a disturbing incident occurred when the teenager was accused of stealing an automatic watch from a nearby store, an act that was caught in CCTV installed in the area.

Upon discovering the theft, the shopkeeper promptly filed a complaint, leading to the recovery of the stolen item. However, the situation took a grim turn when the cleric at the Madrasa, identified as Maulana Syed Omar Ali, decided to administer what has been described as "brutal punishment" to the young student. Stripped half-naked, the teenager was subjected to spitting and a systematic beating by his fellow students, all allegedly under the orders of the cleric.

The entire incident was captured in camera and the footage eventually reached the victim’s family. Without delay, they filed a complaint with the local police, which led to the registration of a case against the cleric under the Minor Students Protection Act. The minors who participated in the assault received counseling services, while legal proceedings are underway against the cleric.

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