INS Sumitra rescued Iranian Vessel

INS Sumitra rescued Iranian Vessel

Jan 29, 2024 - 22:24
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INS Sumitra rescued Iranian Vessel

Indian Navy's INS Sumitra has successfully rescued fishermen hijacked by pirates along the East coast of Somalia and the Gulf of Aden.The naval warship was responding to a distress message regarding hijacking of an Iranian-flagged Fishing Vessel (FV) Iman. The FV with 17-member crew, was taken hostage by pirates. Navy officials on Monday said that the swift response by the Indian Navy's mission deployed warship INS Sumitra ensured the safe release of the hijacked vessel and its crew.
The incident is the latest in a series of drone and pirate attacks on merchant vessels in the region, including the Red Sea and parts of the Arabian Sea.The Indian navy has stepped up surveillance in the troubled region substantially and deployed task groups consisting of around 10 warships in the face of the recent attacks on India-bound merchant vessels.
 Iran-backed Yemen's Houthi militia has been targeting commercial shipping in the Red Sea with missiles and drones after the Israel-Hamas conflict began on October 7. The Houthi rebels declared their support for Hamas. Several shipping companies have suspended their operations in the Red Sea following the attacks, which have forced mariners to change course and take longer routes around the southern tip of Africa.

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