Serbian Tennis Star Clarifies

Serbian Tennis Star Clarifies

Feb 10, 2024 - 14:44
Feb 10, 2024 - 16:02
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Serbian Tennis Star Clarifies

Serbian star Dejana Radanovic has offered clarification after being accused of making 'racist' remarks against India on her Instagram account.

Radanovic had been in India to take part in three ITF tournaments, with the last one being the Mumbai Open 2024. The Serbian star was defeated by Vaideh Chaudhari in the match after she was forced to retire hurt.

However, it was a series of Instagram stories by Radanovic that caught the eye of fans recently, where she was critical of India and the facilities. In one of her stories, as she was departing from the country, the Serbian star wrote, "Adios India. See you never ever ever ever ever EVER again."

Another one was from the Munich airport, where Radanovic posted a picture of her having coffee. However, her caption in the story didn't sit well with the fans. "Hello civilization. Only those who have experienced something like India for three weeks can only understand the feeling," said Radanovic in her story.

These Instagram stories received a lot of backlash from people, as they accused her of being racist and many demanded that the Serbian star needs to issue an apology for her statements on social media. Radanovic has now responded and offered clarification on the matter.

In latest Instagram story, The Serbian star said that the comments she made were not about the people in India. Radanovic said that she didn't like the food, traffic and hygiene in India. However, the tennis star said that she wasn't making any racist remarks.

“I didn’t like India – the country." "I didn’t like the food, traffic, hygiene (worms in the food, yellow pillows and dirty bed linen in the hotel, not knowing how to use roundabout etc.) “If you come to my country, Serbia, and you don’t like all those same things, that means you are a racist??? What the hell does that have to do with racism?! I have friends of all nationalities and colours so don’t go there cause it’s an absolute NONSENSE!"


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