US Bombs Iraq & Syria

US Bombs Iraq & Syria

Feb 3, 2024 - 13:02
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US Bombs Iraq & Syria

US President Joe Biden has issued a warning to terrorists that "if they harm an American, they will hit back" in response to a number of incidents, such as the drone attack on Tower 22 that claimed the lives of US soldiers, the Houthi militant attacks in the Red Sea, and multiple attacks by Middle Eastern militias that escalated as a result of Israel's bombardment of Gaza.

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There were rumors on Saturday that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and militias with support from Iran were using scores of locations in Syria and Iraq when the US military conducted an airstrike against them. This attack is believed to be a part of the US's "tiered response" to the drone strike that killed three US soldiers in Jordan last weekend.

As of 30 January, 166 attacks on US military installations had been carried out by militia groups backed by Iran since 18 October, with 67 of those strikes occurring in Iraq, 98 in Syria, and now one in Jordan, according to a U.S. military officer. The last incident occurred on January 29 at the Iraqi al-Asad airbase; no casualties or property damage were reported.

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