How To Turn Grey Hair Into Black Permanently Naturally At Home: Causes and Prevention for early 20's

How to turn gray hair into black permanently naturally: Nowadays, due to living in polluted environments and nutritional deficiency, various types of diseases and problems are being seen in people like premature graying of hair, there can be many reasons for this, in this article we will tell you how to turn gray hair into black permanently naturally. And we will also talk about its causes and treatment.

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How To Turn Grey Hair Into Black Permanently Naturally At Home: Causes and Prevention for early 20's
How To Turn Grey Hair Into Black Permanently Naturally

How To Turn Grey Hair Into Black Permanently Naturally At Home: See Causes and Preventions

Seeing your beautiful black hair turning grey in your early 20s troubles people a lot, many people even start losing their confidence, well this can happen due to many reasons these days, doctors say that the reason behind this can be your genetics. Deficiency of nutrients and being depressed and stressed to a large extent have been reported. In this article, we will learn how to turn grey hair into black permanently naturally and we not only stop our black beautiful hair from turning grey in our early 20s but also get it back to its original color.

How To Turn Grey Hair Into Black Permanently Naturally

what are the causes of premature grey hair?

There is definitely a root cause for any disease or problem, there is also a root cause for our hair turning gray and white and that is the dark pigments present in the hair follicles, which keep our hair black. Our body produces these melanin pigments naturally, and gradually as we age, due to their deficiency, the hair on our head starts losing its original color and then first starts becoming gray and then completely white.

We have listed down some of its main causes here:

  1. Taking too much stress is one of the main reasons, research shows that when people take a lot of stress due to their work life and other activities, a chemical is released in their body called norepinephrine which spreads throughout our body and affects our hair. Reaches the follicles and stops pigmentation and the hair starts turning grey.
  2. Please stop smoking, because a harmful toxic chemical is found in people who smoke, which is called nicotine. It greatly affects the melanin production in our hair follicles, due to which the hair starts turning grey.
  3. Genetics is also responsible to some extent for this.
  4. Not eating enough nutritional food and vitamins also causes a lot of problems, if your body is deficient in essential vitamins like calcium, vitamin b6, vitamin E, D, or vitamin b12, then it directly affects your hair. So if people overcome their nutritional deficiency then they can stop the premature graying of hair.

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How to stop premature greying of hair naturally at home?

So now that we know why premature graying of hair occurs, let us also know How to stop premature greying of hair naturally at home.

. There are some effective ways to prevent this which we have described below.


  • use onion juice, yes it is a great remedy to prevent gray hair, onion juice completely stops the formation of hydrogen peroxide in our body and it is also very effective. Along with this, you can also add some lemon juice which will help a lot.
  • Massage with coconut oil, massage your head with coconut oil at least two to three times every week, which will increase blood circulation on your head and it contains nutrients like biotin which prevents your hair from turning grey, every week. Use it 3 times and wash the balloon after 3 minutes with a combination of shampoo and conditioner.
  • Using black seed is considered very effective, which prevents graying of hair to a great extent because linoleic acid is present in it which prevents the lack of pigments in our head, you can use trichup black seed oil in any of your hair. Can be used with shampoo, and it contains present Omega 3,6,9 and coconut, sesame, fatty acids, and vitamins which prevent graying of hair.
  • You can also use a mixture of rosemary and sage, both help in turning the hair black, for this you just boil rosemary and sage in some water, and after shampooing, when it cools down, use it. Apply some spray on your hair and then wash it. If you do this 2 to 3 times, it will help a lot.

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Disclaimer: We are not medical experts, and whatever information that has been provided here in this article is just for educational purposes, we strongly advise you to please consult a doctor if see any problems.  


So in this article, we have given you all the information so that you will not only be able to stop the graying of your beloved hairs but will also get them back to their original form. If you are also troubled by premature graying of hair in your early 20s, then you can definitely follow all these remedies, we hope that you got what you were looking for.


How can I control premature GREY hair naturally?
well, you can try some remedies such as the use of black seed oil, coconut oil massaging, onion oil, etc for best results, these are some proven tips.
Can gray hair go away naturally?
No! if you do not put effort into making it back to its original color nothing will happen as it happens generally because of a reduction in melanin pigment in our hair follicles, and if we do not do anything, it won't go away naturally.

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