No laws need to be passed - Musk joins donald trump

musk joins donald trump

Jan 28, 2024 - 15:06
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No laws need to be passed - Musk joins donald trump

Elon Musk, TESLA BOSS, joined Donald Trump, Former US President, in condemning the disputed Senate border accord, which President Joe Biden referred to as the "toughest" package of changes. Musk stated on X that "no laws need to be passed" to halt the US border situation.

On Friday, Biden threw his support behind the new law, claiming it would usher in the "toughest" set of border changes ever. "It would give me, as president, new emergency authority to close the border if it gets overcrowded. And if given that ability, I would exercise it on the day I sign the bill into law," he stated in a statement.

On Saturday, Donald Trump reiterated his opposition to a bipartisan immigration plan that Biden has pledged will "shut down" the border with Mexico if it becomes overcrowded. With immigration one of the most contentious election topics in what appears to be a Trump-Biden rematch for the White House this year, the bill's fate has emerged as a high-stakes battleground.

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