Holi 2024: Oppenheimer to Road House some must watch OTT releases this week to make your Holi weekend more interesting

Holi 2024: As the week of Holi is coming closer, big OTT platforms are gearing up to release various range of content to make the long weekend of Holi more interesting for their viewers. We have prepared a list of some top-notch captivating web shows and movies that are releasing during this long Holi weekend.

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Holi 2024: Oppenheimer to Road House some must watch OTT releases this week to make your Holi weekend more interesting
holi 2024 ott release this week

Holi 2024 is to be celebrated on 25th March and this year's Holi weekend is going to be a little longer, several platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Jio Cinema, Disney + Hotstar have announced plans to make this weekend more fun for all their viewers. They have started releasing a wide range of content, in this article, we have put together some top-notch quality web shows and films that you must watch to make your weekend even more fun.

Holi 2024: Some must-watch OTT releases of this week to add more fun to your HOLI weekend

Holi 2024 week is starting tomorrow and people have started making their plans, keeping your happiness in mind, we have also made a list of some amazing films and web series, which you can watch this weekend to make your festival even more entertaining. . The list includes everything from Oscar Award Dominator film Oppenheimer to Hrithik Roshan's Fighter, we have included all the content from thriller to patriotic. Read below to know.

holi 2024 ott releases

1. Oppenheimer (Movie)

To watch on: Jio Cinema

Release date: 21 March

Genre: History-based Drama

Cast: Cillian Murphy, Robert Downey Jr., Emily Blunt

Oppenheimer movie does not need any introduction, the story of the film is related to World War 2 in which leader Leslie Groves chooses the famous scientist Robert Oppenheimer for one of his secret projects and he is asked to work on this secret project. After a lot of hard efforts, the project becomes successful and the world's first atomic bomb is tested. This is a film based on a true incident in which it has won a total of 7 Oscar Awards in this year's Oscar Awards, which is a big thing in itself and also a record.

2. Fighter (Movie)

To watch on: Netflix

Release date: 21 March

Genre: Action Drama

Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Anil Kapoor, Karan Singh Grover, Deepika Padukone

Fighter film has become Bollywood's first 350 crore business film of this year, the director of the film is Siddharth Anand, and in the film, some very talented Indian Air Force soldiers, popularly known as "air dragons", have to save their comrades. Which is under the control of terrorists from Pakistan, the film is an action-packed thriller drama movie that is streaming on Netflix.

3. Road House (Movie)

To watch on: Amazon Prime Videos

Release date: 21 March

Genre: Action, thriller, drama

Cast: Conor McGregor ( MMA Superstar ), Jake Gyllenhaal

In the film, a professional fighter guard is hired so that he can fight the chaos in a bar in a roadhouse in Florida, then he gets into a fight with a big criminal of that place who is the ruler of that place, the whole film is a thriller and action based movie in which world-famous MMA star Conor McGregor also makes his debut.

4. Abraham Ozler (Movie)

To watch on: Disney+ Hotstar

Release date: 20th March

Genre: Crime/thriller/drama

Cast: Jayaram, Jagadish, Senthil Krishna


ACP Abraham Ozler, who is in the lead role of this film, is trapped in a fake case call, after which his life seems to change. While he is busy outside investigating that fake call, his wife and daughter are murdered, the culprit is none other than the same person whom ACP Ozler had put in jail some time ago on drug charges, who is back. He wants to take revenge with him. This film is a thriller crime-based drama.

5. 3 Body Problem (Web Show)

To watch on: Netflix

Release date: 21 March

Genre: Science Fiction drama show

Cast: Eiza González, Liam Cunningham and more

The "3 Body Problem" series is already released on Netflix and it is a cool science fiction show. The story revolves around a young Wenjie who faces a tragic event during the Chinese Revolution of 1970, which causes him great personal loss. After this, she has to go to a secret military radar facility, where She makes some serious decisions which have various consequences and modern scientists try to resolve it, the show is a sci-fi drama which will give you a lot of fun watching it.

6. Ae Watan Mere Watan (Movie)

To watch on: Amazon Prime Videos

Release date: 21 March

Genre: History, Biopic, Drama

Cast: Sara Ali Khan, Emraan Hashmi

Ae Watan Mere Watan is a history-based drama in which I am playing the role of Sara Ali Khan. In the film, she is playing the character of Usha Mehta, who sets up her own secret personal radio channel to help the country at the time of Independence. By helping. The story has been made from a patriotic angle which you will definitely find interesting.


Holi is a festival of happiness and this year the festival of Holi has brought a long weekend for the people. Holi 2024 Dahan is to be held on 24th March and the Holi holiday is going to be on the 25th, and 26th March. To make this weekend even more fun for the people, the big OTT platforms have made many exciting launches and in this post, we have talked about one of the most interesting movies and shows.

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