Weight Loss Medicine In India: See the side effects of weight loss drugs and best weight loss Medicine in India

know the side effects, prescription, and best weight loss medicine in India, see full details.

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Weight Loss Medicine In India: See the side effects of weight loss drugs and best weight loss Medicine in India
weight loss medicine in india

Weight Loss Medicine In India: Prescription From Doctors for weight loss drugs/pills

Obesity has been the cause of poor health of people for many years, obesity causes many problems due to which there is a risk of major diseases. In such a situation, people are often troubled by obesity and try various types of weight loss medicines, and if your body mass index (BMI) is more than 30, then you can also consult doctors and get the best medicines for it.

Increasing body weight causes many diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. In such a situation, if an average human whose height is about 5 feet 8 inches and body weight is 88 kg or more, then doctors definitely prescribe one or the other medicine to him. Semaglutide (wegovy) was approved by the (FDA) Food and Drugs Administration for the treatment of obesity in 2021, after that in 2023 the FDA approved another drug for obesity named tirzepatide.

Apart from this, other best drugs for weight loss have been approved by the FDA, whose names are as follows:

1. Liraglutide ( Saxenda )

This is a type 2 diabetes drug which makes us feel hungry. By eating this, we feel hungry and we feel full. It is approved by FDA for long-term use.

Side effects of Liraglutide: Vomiting, constipation low blood pressure, etc. Sometimes its serious consequences are also seen like an increase in heart rate, kidney problems, anxiety, feeling nervous and pancreatic problems, etc.

2. Orlistat ( Xenical )

It has also been approved by FDA for long-term use. The special thing about this drug is that whatever fat-related things you eat, your body absorbs only 1/3rd part of the total fat percentage of that food, which helps us a lot in obesity.

Side effects: Stomach pain, excessive bowel movements, oily stool, bowel problems, and if you eat too much high-fat food then the problem may increase. Most of the time, orlistat has no side effects, but sometimes its consumption can cause liver pain. Whose chances are very good.

Side Effects: Advantages and Disadvantages of Weight Loss Medications


Weight loss drugs and pills definitely work in our body and people have experienced their benefits as a result, but these medicines also have bad consequences, and it is very important for us to know this. So let us know some advantages and disadvantages of weight loss medicine.


  • All these medicines are approved by the Food and Drugs Administration Department.
  • With weight loss drugs, blood pressure in our body is controlled, cholesterol level is corrected and blood sugar also improves.
  • Works for fat absorption in our body.
  • Metabolism also increases.


  • Medicines do not suit everyone.
  • Sometimes serious side effects are also seen like high blood pressure, nausea, kidney problems heart rate increase, etc.
  • Once you stop consuming them, your weight starts rising again.
  • It can cause some very serious health problems.

Note Disclaimer: We are not medical experts, please take advice from your medical practitioner before taking any medicine. The opinion here is only for educational purpose therefore, before consuming any medicine, please consult a doctor once.


So in this article, we have given information about some very famous weight loss medicines and they have been approved by the medical association named Food and Drugs Administration, but still, we would definitely suggest you consult your doctor once. You must consult your doctor only before using these tablets because they have a lot of side effects and this type of medicine does not suit the right body type.


Q1. Which tablet is best for weight loss in India?
A. Some of the best tablets that are also approved by the Food and Drugs Administration ( FDA ) for weight loss are liraglutide ( saxenda ),tirzepatide ( under the brand name Zepbound), semaglutide ( wegovy ), etc. 
Q2. How to lose weight fast?
A. Some advice that had been suggested by the specialist and doctors over a period of time are as follows:
1. Taking a fiber-rich diet such as beans.
2. excluding fat-rich food from our diet.
3. drinking plenty of water as per your body weight.
4. Regular exercise and keeping a diet plan.
5. doing intermittent fasting.

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