Who Claimed 'Faults' In Parliament, Caught For Fraud

Who Claimed 'Faults' In Parliament, Caught For Fraud

Feb 7, 2024 - 13:05
Feb 7, 2024 - 13:08
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Who Claimed 'Faults' In Parliament, Caught For Fraud

In 1997, the well-known Vastu Shastri Khushdeep Bansal made headlines after claiming that the Parliament House library had "architectural defects", stating that to be the reason why governments fell. Nearly 30 years later, Bansal's name has once again come up; this time in connection with a massive fraud amounting to ₹ 65 crore.
Assam Police, in collaboration with Delhi Police, arrested Bansal and his brother on Monday. The Counter Intelligence Unit (CI) of the Delhi Police Special Cell executed the arrest in the Barakhamba area of the national capital.
Monday morning, Assam Police secured the accused on transit remand and swiftly departed for Assam, where they face charges in the ongoing ₹ 65 crore Autonomous Council scam. The scam also involves the son of a Congress leader from Madhya Pradesh.
Kamal Sabarwal, the owner of the Delhi-based Sabarwal Trading Company Private Limited, filed a complaint against Bansal, who reportedly disclosed to the Delhi Police that he had introduced an individual to Kamal Sabarwal, ultimately implicating himself in the fraud. Simultaneously, Assam Police claim that all the accused collaborated in orchestrating the elaborate scam that has now come to the forefront.
Bansal is a consultant on various state government projects and a strategic advisor to eminent businessmen and industrialists.
In 1997, he gained notoriety for his claim that the architectural defects of the Parliament House library were causing governmental instability. According to him, the solution lay in his expertise, which involved placing copper wires underground between the Parliament and the library building, thereby "restoring balance" and allowing governments to complete their tenures without facing premature collapses.

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